Easy Peasy Pillow Tutorial

Step by Step Flange Edge Pillow

If you don’t already know how I feel about pillows, this will help:  I have been called the Pillow Queen on more than one occasion. I just love all things pillow and cushion, and I think they can really add that finishing touch to a room.  

There are all sorts of shapes, sizes and styles to choose from.  If you can sew just a little bit, you can make your own pillows in just the right fabric for your space. This flange edge pillow will look like a designer selection when you are finished!  

Let me walk you through how to make this easy, flanged edge pillow with an envelope back that only requires sewing a straight stitch.  Ready?

List of supplies for 1 pillow:

¾ yard of fabric

Matching color thread


Straight pins

Steam iron

1 Square Pillow form- 16” x 16”

The first step is to cut your pieces for the front and back of the pillow.  The pillow form size will determine the size of cuts for the pillow. Cut the front of the pillow 18” x 18” square.

Make 2 cuts for the back of the pillow.  They will overlap to make the envelope opening in the back.  Cut 2 pieces 18” wide x 14” long.

The next step is pressing the hem edges of the 2 back pieces.  Flip the pieces over to the wrong side and press down 1” across the 18” width.  Then fold it over again and press. Stitch across the lower edge of these hems.

Pin the 3 pieces together by laying the front piece right side up, and lay the 2 back pieces right side down, overlapping the 2 back pieces.  Pin all sides, securing the overlap of the back pieces.

Stitch a ½” seam around all 4 sides of the pillow, the front piece to the 2 back pieces.  

Trim the corner seam allowance on the diagonal, being careful to not cut into the stitch line.  This will make the corner more crisp when turned inside out.

Turn the pillow inside out, being careful in the corner areas, and press the seam out to the edge.

Now with the pillow right side out and pressed, the last step is sewing the flange.  Find the 1” mark on your sewing machine and sew all around the pillow edge 1” in from the edge. Mark the corner areas with pins at the 1” line so you can know where to turn the corner without over sewing.    This creates the flange edge of your pillow.

Flip your pillow over and insert the pillow form.

Voila!! You made a new pillow!  

Leave a comment with a picture for me.  I would love to see what you made!

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